Adapted Physical Education Fact Sheets

What is a “Fact Sheet” and “How do I use it?”

The fact sheets contained in this manual were developed by Masters and Doctoral students studying adapted physical education at Texas Woman’s University in Denton , Texas in cooperation with the Denton ISD adapted physical educators. The fact sheets were developed to educate regular physical educators and classroom teachers about various disabilities and to include other information that may be important to the educator who provides physical education services.

The sheets were designed to provide information that is accurate (information was researched), easy to read (basic language and layout), and informative (definition, characteristics, safety precautions, medical information and teaching tips). If you are unsure of the nature of a child’s disability, check with the school’s diagnostician.  If a student in your class displays several of the “characteristics” described on the fact sheet and he/she has NOT been identified as disabled, discuss your concerns with the diagnostician.

 Adapted Physical Education Disability Fact Sheets

Adapted PE Guide for District APE Programs

The following template was created by the TAHPERD Adapted Physical Activity Committee to support Adapted Physical Education (APE) teachers in Texas. For those planning to create or revise an adapted physical education program, this template can serve as a guide for what should be included in their school district. It is our hope that utilizing the Table of Contents will serve as a useful resource to help school districts across Texas in the planning and creation of future APE Program Guides. Information about each of these topics can be found in the Adapted Physical Education Best Practices Manual  published by TAHPERD.

Adapted Physical Education Assessment Tests & Score Sheets

>> Project MOBILITEE (PDF File)
>> Project MOBILITEE Wheelchair Score Sheet (Word Document File)
>> Project MOBILITEE Low Incidence Score Sheet (Word Document File)
>> Project MOBILITEE PE Score Sheet (Word Document File)

FITNESSGRAM Scoresheet for SWD
FITNESSGRAM_Scoresheet_for_SWD(Word Document File)

CTAPE 2015  (PDF file)

Partners in Physical Education

The following document outlines a program that can be used to train general education students at the secondary education level to “partner” with students with disabilities in physical education. Partners become peer tutors in order to model skills and behaviors, and to assist students who have disabilities with physical and motor activities in the physical education environment. The document provides an overview of the program, a suggested syllabus for a class used for credit, selected disabilities handouts, teaching tips, and unit maps for a variety of age appropriate activities. There are sample quizzes, information for both the teacher and the students, an evaluation tool for the program and much more. This is a guide that can be used as you work to establish a “partners” program in your own school.

>> Partners in Physical Education Manual

Fitness Testing for Students with Special Needs

The Texas required fitness testing of all students in grades 3-12 has created some questions concerning the testing of students with special needs. The law requiring fitness testing allows administrators of school districts to make the decision to test their students with special needs or not  and most are following the students individual education plan as it relates to physical activity. However, TAHPERD members and leadership want as many students included in the testing process as is possible and reasonable. To address this issue, three of our members created a paper providing information on fitness testing of special needs students.

>> CLICK HERE to access the paper.

Clarification of Fitness Testing for Special Needs Students & FAQ
>> CLICK HERE for clarification and FAQ

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